Newest telephones have full color feature or low cost full speaker telephones, 600 configurable features,  Internet connectivity and security, paperless FAX , computer operator consoles that show all telephone activity in the business with instant messages to announce calls. 
Avaya's color Smart Desk Phone with apps.

Inexpensive full Feature Phones
Avaya's lowest cost full speaker  phones with bright LCD and LED lamps; Digital or VoIP. These are high-end phones with bright backlit screen..
Link Remote Work at Home/Remote Offices
Connect remote staff, & manage phones & computer connections from anywhere. A demanded feature set makes remote workers a part of the local system with all features of the main site. Use: home phones, VoIP phones, cell phones, and computers (called the SoiftPhone) connecting staff and server functions.
The New Avaya Operator Telephone
Ultimate in operator control, provides receptionist with total call handling & limits on holds. The console uses Instant Message & prompts the called person in silence; and affords a response.
Telephone call management (SMDR) monitors & eliminates call abuse. Get fastest & inexpensive Internet with security from SonicWall; compare our 100 MBS versus your speed?  Ask Novacom about automatic redundant  Internet..
Smart Phones, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Unified Messaging Service (UMS)) and BYOD .
BYOD is using the staffer's cell for in the office calls-no minutes charged. Connect  calls & contact  info for on screen POPS from Outlook & others. Smart Phones become an extension like your desk phone; both ring at the same time, & connect voice mails to Emails. Use in house wireless link your Smart Phones-no cell minutes.
Novacom's FAX server faxes directly to a computer. Faxes remain clear & can be sent ; storage & retrieval are efficiently.  $35.00 to a typical monthly lease cost. Most firms recover 100% of  cost/month.
Case Studies-Names and contact information  available upon request
January, 2012  MJS
Industry:  Financial Services
MJS was offered eight competitive systems from Managed Services to Key telephones at lowest prices. MJS elected Novacom to implement the following:
Plan a new series of telephone lines with one month in advance securing new telephone numbers;
Installed a new Avaya IP Office system;
Installed and configure a new Cisco data switch;
Connected computers with wireless access;
Deployed a SonicWall firewall;
Connected a Novacom FAX server; and
Provided lines with direct calling and call coverage with unlimited free calling.  
May, 2009  LF
Industry:  Financial Services
LF replaced a fully operable Toshiba telephone system with sixty telephones. LF needed to have Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and modern features. Novacom implemented the following:
Two new T-1 telephone lines with a 50% cost reduction and fast Internet;
Installed a new Avaya IP Office system;
Deployed CTI functions including: remote access to telephones, and call accounting;
Installed and configure a new Cisco data switches;
Connect computers with wireless access and deployed a SonicWall firewall;
Connect a Novacom FAX server; and
Provide lines with direct calling and call coverage.  
June, 2006  TP
Industry:  Pediatric Medical Group
To replaced a fully operable Avaya Definity telephone system with thirty telephones. TP needed to have Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and modern features. Novacom implemented the following:
One new T-1 telephone lines with a 50% cost reduction and fast Internet;
Installed a new Avaya IP Office system;
Deployed CTI functions including: remote access to telephones, call recording and call accounting;
Connect computers with wireless access;
Deployed a SonicWall firewall;
Provided call management for their seven operators.
         Post installation- With the massive proliferation of the medical records storage needs, Novacom was asked to optimize the             Internet access. Currently, TP uses a 101/15MBS primary Internet and backup in their SonicWall.    
December , 2009  AF
Industry:  Beverage Manufacturer
To replaced a fully operable VoIP network service six locations, eliminating all of the dropped calls and echo issues,  in a Small Community Network (Avaya's SCN) . AF needed to have Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and modern features across the network with about 120 telephones. Novacom implemented the following:
An MPLS new T-1 network;
Installed three Avaya IP Office system;
Deployed CTI functions including: remote access to telephones and call recording;;
Connected computers with wireless access and deployed a SonicWall firewall.  
4-Calling/Internet Management and Internet Security
3-CTI/UMS, Connect Desk/ Smart Cell Phones.
6-Paperless FAX
5-Voicemail & Automated Attendant.
The deployment of telephone and computer networks systems starts with a well organized resources room. Shown below is a sample of the organized room with fiber optics circuits, telephone and data network connections. 
Avaya's conference phones offer more features than Polycom (starfish) phones.  Pick the model for the size of the room. Avaya offers, also, a full line  video conference resources. Conference calls are proven to be the key to productivity.
Novacom provides the eight  most needed functions needed by small to mid-sized businesses.
The top eight  components that exceed the competition with Novacom's dedicated experts behind the product 
2-Connect at home staff & remote sites seamlessly-All feature operate remotely..
7-Conference-video and audio.
8-Computer Networking-design wiring& Wi Fi
Novacom staff, not subcontractors, wire telephones & computers complying with CAT 6 networks, & fiber optics with Wi FI and web cameras included.
Cost Factors
Every modern business needs to have available for current or future needs all eight components. All largest  firms use all eight & achieve the best level of worker productivity. 

For example, a Novacom system with 30 phones installed cost is $314/month. Add seven additional components and the price will be $437/month; 

Voicemail & Automatic Call Routing. . Elect call recording and many other features for the Unified Messaging (UMS). 
Administering the Voicemail

The voicemail can be administered by Novacom remotely or by your staff. The flow of call routing is graphically shown in a real time screen.

Click below to see details.
The Powerful  Operator Telephone
A new approach to operator handled calls. Receive and manage calls with a silent message feature to announce calls via a screen message to the called party.

Backup, dual,  voicemail systems for larger, multiple site, firms.
5-SELECT powerful voicemail systems that offer automated routines with up to 10,000 routing options at low prices.
1-The old operator telephone with busy lamps has been replaced by a Avaya's sophisticated feature rich PC console. 
The Embedded (now called Essential) Voicemail. Click graphic for details of Essential voice processing.
Utilization reporting of Internet and need for costly services are defined in the SonicWall reporting.Security and access speed are necessary parts of your Internet access
Starting with the Novacom optimized Internet, the Novacom implemented security suite adds security and permissions to each workstation with virus protection. 
SonicWall® Anti-Virus and Anti solutions automatically deliver updated security definitions immediately to the endpoint as they become available, protecting against today’s rapidly-evolving threats.  SonicWall's  Enforced Client guarantees all endpoints have the latest versions of anti-virus and anti software installed and active. The SonicWall® Client/Server Anti-Virus Suite integrates additional protection for Windows-based file, print, and Exchange servers. 
Click here: Novacom works with carriers to assure you of the fastest access to the Internet within you budget. We build the best Internet for your budget dollars

Avaya Communications, formerly AT&T and Lucent Technologies,  is the world's premier provider of telecommunications systems.
Our field service fleet operates 24x7. Call:908-431-9600, any time.
The proven AT&T, Lucent & Avaya systems remain the standard with award winning telephone systems.  Avaya and its Bell Laboratories.dominate the field...
SonicWall TZ Series
Add  Internet Security-The top of the line firewalls that have extensive data, "Deep Packet", inspection that exceeds the competition.
SonicWall  Internet security components serve the data security needs of  small to mid-sized customers. Novacom uses Cisco switches and SonicWall firewalls to: 
-Improve access speed with Novacom's selected carriers-the best  of the best; and
-Secure Internet: data including: Gateways; Filtering Internet traffic; and Control workstation Internet permissions.
Novacom end users report increased Internet speeds in excess of  500%  with cost reductions.
4-Call accounting called Station Message Detail Reporting (SMDR), Internet utilization and performance, and Internet critical security, and faster speed.  Novacom carrier partners offer the best prices & reliability.
Internet Resources Management
Another most critical  cost reduction program. Save substantial cost of calling, right sizing of staff, add a significant cost reduction approach  to handle calling resources, and streamline Internet use. Telephone call and related Internet abuse are well known business concerns. Lower cost lines and unlimited calling are now used by almost every business and may easily encourage loss of productivity . The most employed means to track call patterns, and detection of  abuse is the Novacom call reporting system called Station Message Detail Reporting (SMDR). SMDR is the key to just right staffing; determining not too many and not too few staff  for call handling. However, while cost of calling has dropped to nothing, staff cost have increased  and demand that call abuse be considered as a waste of staff productivity time and cost. Hire too many and expend an average of $35,000.00 in excess costs. Fore the Internet, stop excess access to valuable Internet lines, and reduce abuse of the Internet that is now most common; esp[especially streaming video and streaming voice. 
Real cost savings with Novacom support.  Click here. Connect with Novacom's partners carrier with full support of Novacom.
The most complete Novacom reporting allows management to keep track of all inbound and outbound calling by staff members departments; not just billable calls.  See traffic patterns by time of day and staff activities on the telephone. The use of the SMDR data allow creation of profiles of how much time is allocated to various staff members' call activities. Reference the reporting and evaluate calling profiles. This can teamed with the Avaya Service  Observation which allows supervisors to monitor in progress calls; eavesdropping is defined as a third party not known to be listening to an in progress telephone call without knowledge of at least one of the parties in the conversation.The SMDR accounting package can, also, be teamed with the Avaya call recording feature.  
1-Start with an advanced Avaya telephone system. Add paging, access control, no cost Wi-Fi  with Smartphones linked to desk phones. Link your Avaya system to your computer network (CTI). Just the beginning of  your resources. 

See Telephones.

Just the beginning of a more productive information platform and save thousands.

2-Add-remote workers to your telephone system, have full telephone system access using no charge Internet. Connect home & remote workers & save travel costs. Remote access is a proven method  to  productivity & morale booster.

See More Remote

Connect  remote or home staff.Best ROI for businesses.
8-Add-New CAT 6 (gigabit) wires, wireless,  & fast  powerful computer networks.
Most networks need upgrades. Evaluate/upgrade and Internet speed as needed. Repair your broken data networking. Novacom does all of this

See Networking

Get faster computer speed on the Internet.
3-Add-via Avaya Twinning, links to cell phones & desk phones for full access to most features onsite. Connect Smartphones to  desk phones features. Use Wi-Fi for no cell minute calling charges in house.

See Smart Phones

Connect your Smart phone to your desk telephone.
5-Add-Powerful yet inexpensive, about the lowest cost in the industry,   voicemail & automated routing. Voicemails go to Emails. Select basic with full features or most powerful voicemail with recording.

See Voicemail

Immediately get voicemail to your cell and desktop.
4-Add-manage  & monitoring of phone calling , & Internet control.  Add a Novacom firewall. Lower costs. Get real time stats of the use of telephones & Internet access

See Management

Manage access to calling and the abuse of the  Internet.
6-Add-Clear conference calling & call recording. Using Novacom's lowest cost T-1 lines, a 64 party conference bridge is standard; all that is needed is 64 T-1 connections. Harness the power of conferencing by simply pressing   buttons. Team up with video connections.
See  Conferencing

Limit travel and have your own in-
house easy to use conferencing.
7-Add-Automated FAX with clear  PDF documents.
Eliminate paper FAX and save on paper and toner. Use clear PDF documents that can transferred and rebroadcast. 


Cut the cost of 
expensive faxing.

Please Contact Us:

In the 70's In the 80's    Now-VoIP-Color Displays +  Smartphones   + Computer Networks & Telephone Integration (CIT) 
The IST telephone is excellent for common areas.
11-Analog Telephone-All connect to the Industry Standard Telephone (IST)port. Every new Novacom system offer a minimum of two ports.
1-Digital-1403 (3 Button)
4-Digital-1416 Digital-16 Button Telephone & optional 32 Button Module.
Avaya 1416 Telephone with 16 Programmable Buttons and Two Way Speaker with Backlit LCD Display.
Explore the Avaya 1416/1616/1816 telephone wih bright LCD, backlit screen, headset integraion, navagiton key to easily access features. A most useful feature is the Call Log. This lists sorted:  Missed, Inbound and Outbound call.
Explore the Avaya 1408 telephone wih bright LCD, backlit screen, headset integraion, navagiton key to easily access features. A most useful feature is the Call Log. This lists sorted:
13-Discontinued Digital-Avaya IP Office 5410 Executive (5402 two line telephones available).
The Avaya 5420 digital Executive Telephone and Operator telephone status,  DSS unit on left.
8-VoIP 1616 (Sixteen Button) with optional cost 32 Button Extension Module.
Digital-5420 telephone with Optional 24 function Operator Direct Station Selector (DSS). 
The Avaya IP Office 5410. This is the most popular telephone for staffers and executives. The telephone offers a generous four line display, integrated headset switch, and full two way speaker..
5-VoIP-1603 (3 Button)
9-High End VoIP- Color display  VoIP-color. model.
A closer look at the 9600 telephone that supports high speed, gigabit (1,000,000,000 bits per second) connections.
The 9620C is a multi color display, high resolution telephone with excellent voice quality.
6-VoIP 1608 (8 Button) 
The analog single line telephone provides telphones for common areas. This platform may be the basic single line with no fetaures buttons, as shown, or the version with 16 feature access buttons to access features as speed dialing.
10-Color display  VoIP 9600  supports gigabit Ethernet. .


Novacom's Standard Features-Most of these are optional cost or not offered by the competition. Connect with VoIP or proven digital or both.
Standard Features Included in base package at no additional costs. Seamless upgrade to 1,000 telephones.
Four outside lines with Caller ID and caller name-expand to 96 lines; 
Two FAX, or modem, door boxes, or a FAX server and save cost of faxing and line costs;
Ten VoIP & six digital telephone ports; and connect outside sites  to 1,000;
Music on hold with no expensive external player and save up to $500.00 on a music source.;
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) stacks calls first in first answered making staff productive;
Seamlessly & quickly connect remote workers and up to 32 other sites with full features; .
Free in house wireless phones via your  Wi Fi -no cell minute calls;
About Avaya Telephones
Basic bright back lit lighting is a  standard feature.  All telephones have multiple position stands,  with multiple line display, and some have dual color LED's. All have: a navigation bar showing calls: received, missed and outbound. All have integrated connect for headsets. All feature full two way speakers usually an option cost with the  competition. 
See below the top of the line with full color, touch screen and gigabit data connection, and lowest cost option.
Voicemail to Email, spell by name look up, multiple company routing & much more; and
Novacom provides an onsite full demo of all features; no obligation.. See before you buy.
Your firm's checklist-Select all that apply
Current recommended Avaya 1400 Series are Digital and the 1600 Series are identical in appearance employed for remote VoIP users.
7-VoIP 1608 (8 Button) 
Organization of different purpose cables (CAT 3 voice, CAT5  and CAT6 data)  blue color coded and white for voice, and Coaxial for video and networking need to be organized.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)  Standard with IP Office.
Click for BBB Details. Please  Compare us to the Competition.
Consider the Five  Key Points of Experts in Telecom-Source Ziff Davis:
The Feature
1-Call Routing and Forwarding;
2-Data Integration Linking;
3-Auto-Attendants & Call distribution;
4-Audio and Video Conferencing;
5-Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR).
*How fast? For fourteen telephones and eight lines, Novacom started at 7:45 AM and by 8:50 AM all resources were operational. Lifeline OB/GYN Medical, Parsippany, NJ
Typical Case Study-Novacom versus Toshiba-September 20, 2013

Base System
Optional Voicemail
Optional Warranty
Optional Headset
Optional Data Connects
Reengineering FAX/Modems



$    650.00
$    550.00
$   375.00
$   300.00

Major Links
Avaya IP Office system expert installation and service. Systems for the small to mid-size firms. Installation, upgrades and repair of all Avaya  systems, and LAN/WAN data networks. Fastest service*.
Local Area Networks (LAN); 
Wide Area Networks (WAN);
Network Performance; and 
Internet Access and Optimization.

Shocking Performance of VoIP-Click below to hear the downside of VoIP that too often provides this level of transmission. Novacom knows how to deploy VoIP. Is VoIP ready for prime time or hype? Hear about VoIP-a thirty second expose.

Four Outside Lines
2 FAX Connections
10 VoIP/6 Digital Connections
No Cost On Hold Music
Remote Worker Ready
Call Distribution
Link Smartphones.
Advanced Voicemail
No Cost On Site Demo
YES-An advanced phone system-tell me more
YES-Need cost reduction to fund any new system
YES-Four or fewer lines
YES-5 to 24 lines
YES-More than 24 lines
YES-Six or fewer phones
YES-7 to 14 phones
YES- more than 14 phones-up to 1,000
YES-Conference calling from three or more
YES-Merge phones & computers (CTI)
YES-Unified voicemail (UM & UC)